Light Box

Architectural Design

Year : 2015

Work Platform : Rhino, Photoshop

Studio Brief

The NYC Architecture Program frames contemporary urban issues and
speculative aspects of the built environment in New York City,with a focus
on a collaborative approach to architecture, real estate development,
and urban design.

Affordable Housing in East New York

The light boxes is a housing project adjust with its immediate environment:
noise from the railway and sunlight coming from south. The design is aiming
at providing residence with a better life quality in a not so favorable
environment in East New York.

Noise Analysis

Sun Path Analysis: Bulk of building is based on the study of sun-path diagram and the shadow cast on site to ensure all units in the building gets sufficient

Unit Types

Section : Light and Shadow

Program such as cinema is placed in dark area

A look through the corridor

Each unit has a balcony box partially looking at the corridor in oder to create a mini  community space for neighbor gathering. The space penetrate through the north and  south giving it the view and openness that other residential corridors in this neighborhood  lack of.

Fanyi Pan 2020 - Brooklyn, New York


︎ Fanyi Pan