My Appearance,
Your Feeling

VR Experience

Year : 2020 
Work Platform : Unity, Rhino, Maya
Collaboration with Ruixuan Li


We care how we look. Because it affects how other people feel about us, and it affects how other people think about us. Physical appearance not only affects our feelings, relationships, but also careers, even presidential elections.

A MIT study found that candidates’ physical appearance strongly influences voters, the public are more likely to choose a “good-looking” leader.
Another research shows that good-looking employees are 10% - 15% more likely to be promoted than their co-workers.

In VR chat, when we see someone is using a fancy robot avatar, we will start to imagine, we will have an imagine in our brain which draws his/her physical appearance and personality.

Reverse the Process

Have you ever secretly define what a person’s personality is like by judging their appearance(or profile picture /name)  even you have never talk to them?You might have not noticed that but you did it anyway. We want to reverse this experience!

The Goal

By creating a world that let players interact with each other without the impact of physical appearance, we could reduce the influence caused by appearance bias when socializing with others.

By creating an avatar of personality and comparing with their physical appearance, the experience could let people be aware of their stereotype towards other players, help them think twice about their judgments on other people.

User Experience Flow

User Experience Diagram

Pre Onboard

On Boarding



Off Boarding

Off Boarding


My Appearance, Your Feeling

Fanyi Pan 2020 - Brooklyn, New York


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