Learning from Science Fiction

Speculative Housing Design

Year : 2018

Work Platform : Rhino, After Effect

A New Way of Living

Nomadic House is a living device inspired by speculative technologies and ideas collected from science fiction films. It is a device that is nomadic, adaptive, automated, self-sustainable and is able to share like a Citi Bike. The house aims to provide the future resident with a brand new mode of living by providing flexibility and mobility.
While technology had been evolving for millennial, residential housing technology has not undergone the kind of shift we have seen from other corners of the technological landscape. The intersection of technology and housing has been very limited whereas, in science fiction, artist are free to rethink how technology could impact living space.

A Mobile and Transformable Space

The house could transform in shape, attach with another housing unit to accommodate different family sizes. It can also attach on different surface and dock on charging stations for battery. The interior of the housing is a collection of speculative technology from sci-fi movies. For example, the wall surfaces of the interior wall are made out of the digital interactive surfaces; Kitchen and bathroom are all
automated; Hover-board replaced stair and allow the user to freely utilize the
vertical space.

Nomadic House is the Mediation between the Urban and the Suburban

Learning from Speculative technology in Science Fiction 
A list of speculative technology

A Transformable Layout and Seven Speculative Technology

The Transformable layout, along with the technology, supports individual living style and collective living style.

Senario : Forest

Senario : Sky City

Fanyi Pan 2020 - Brooklyn, New York


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